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ARE YOU SICK OF IT YET?????????????

- Staff not allowed to talk to the press anymore. Fear losing jobs if they do.
- Out of control spending
- High Property taxes
- Layoff list kept secret

- The pitting of community's against eachother for city services

-* Better Education system

-* Elected BOE not appointed

-* Term limits

-*Cutting the Parks Dept and Public Works instead of trimming the fat in City Hall

-* Street calming efforts

-*People not being able to send their kids to the schools in their neighborhoods

-* More police on foot patrol

-*Lack of transparency

-* are  add on's by people via email

and many more reasons. But  no one will run against him that is qualified. So we will be looking forward to having him as our mayor again.

But that
does not mean that we can not make a statement!!

There is one candidate that you can vote for in the write in section of your ballot!!
What is his name you ask???

"Wewant Change"

Wewant Change is a candidate that makes a point!!!
Wewant Change will tell our mayor that we want change!

The dictatorship and machine games of yesterday need to end!

As we saw in the September primary for Alderman if the Mayor wants a person that is going to vote his way... he will make sure that person has the money and the employees of the city out working for them spining there webs to make the less informed voters think they are voting for someone that will fight for them

Are you sick of it???  Then let them know by writing in the name:

Wewant  Change



email your reasons to:

And we will add them to the list!